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Colleen Brunner

Hello! Once you create a color scheme for an Engage interaction, it should be available from the Colors dropdown for any future interaction you create.

If you're looking to share the custom color scheme with another user, though (or if you want to use it on a different computer), you can look for its xml file on your hard drive and copy it to the computer where you want to use it.

Try looking in c:\documents and settings\[your name]\application data\articulate\engage\2.0\schemes

Chris Norton

A simple way to transfer a color scheme is to

  1. create any interaction type
  2. apply the color scheme
  3. save without adding any content to the interaction

Sending the saved .intr file to a colleague will include the color scheme and will automatically place this in the correct or custom color scheme folder when it is opened. This color scheme will now be available from the Colors drop drown in Engage for all future projects.

If the above method is not an option you must be careful when placing your custom color schemes and should never be placed into the custom color schemes folder that is located in the following directory.


Placing a .xml file or custom color scheme in the above folder and applying to an Engage interaction will cause the color scheme to duplicate itself upon opening any interaction that uses this custom color scheme and will start to over load your Colors drop down in Engage.

Use the 'C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Engage\schemes' folder only when transferring a .xml color scheme this way.