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Ashley Schwartau

I tried that but none of the steps of the slides show up. 

My presentation is built out of Engage slides only. And  I can't edit the names of the subsections of the slides. 


In the Menu editing area, none of the subsections appear for editing.

And in the engage slide area, there's no obvious option to rename the videos that are now showing up in the menu. HOW can this be changed?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Ashley,

I sincerely apologize for the confusion and any frustration. At this time, it's not currently possible to modify the titles for the different sections of a Media Tour interaction, mainly because these are never displayed in the interaction to the learners. The only field that's customizable at the moment is the interaction title - for the entire interaction. 

If you'd like to see additional options for this interaction, please consider sending your suggestion over to our development team. 

Thanks and have a great Friday!