how to change interaction title font and size

I've developed various interactions with Engagé '13 and inserted them in the course I'm working on.

The interaction title seems to have a different font and size respect to regular ppt slides and therefore I'm trying to find a way to change that.

Is it possible and how?

Please see attached image to show you an example.


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Terri Smith

Thanks for replying Leslie. Confused by your comment "the tab labels/headers still fall under the same settings..." can you show me a screen of what you are referring to? Does it specify "tab labels/headers"?

Very disappointing about not being able to edit that- why? It seems to be a pretty basic expectation in light of so many other bells and whistles. I clickable tab buttons with plenty of space for the text inside to be enlarged and re-sized, but am stuck with hard to read font within wasted "white" space:-(

Also noticing a wonky behavior in general throughout the 360 applications (sl, qz and en) when it comes to font sizing within various boxed spaces. It is challenging to get and maintain consistency...spending a lot of time adjusting only to have to re-fix it.

Leslie McKerchie

I certainly apologize for any confusion Terri - and I was referring to the settings I had previously mentioned above that I thought you were responding to.

Here is what I am referring to:

So, no the tab labels/headings are not specified because they fall under the general interaction fonts under interaction properties. I'm not sure that I could fully speak to the 'why', but these are templates and do not allow much customization. If you need more customization, you may want to look at creating something similar in Storyline. We have a download here if you'd like to take a look.

Not sure what you mean with wonky with regards to the font/sizing, but if there is something you'd like us to take a look at, please feel free to share.

Terri Smith

Ah ok. Thank you, Leslie. My confusion was that I was possibly overlooking some area in properties shown as "tab labels/headings". Your image confirms that I was looking in the right place to edit, and your pointers are the fields in which I wanted to increase the font size. Plus, purple is my favorite color:o)

I'll reach back out later to be clearer re. wonky font size adjustments...