How to Exit a Published Standalone Engage Interaction

I cannot seem to find the answer to a seemingly simple problem... and I feel pretty silly asking , but here goes.... I published a 'quickie' training tool for mobile player. But I forgot to provide an exit/close button! But I cannot find a way to do so... this is standalone (i.e., NOT added to Presenter), and it appears that Engage seems to have limited player features.  Am I missing the obvious here? Thanks for help.

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Jay Hricak

It's a shame.  In 2009 you could input a line of code to a button or object in an Engage interaction to jump you to the slide of your choice.  It no longer works in 2013. 

The line of code was:  asfunction:_level44.playSlide,2 

All you had to do here was input this code as a link and change the "2" to whatever slide number you wanted to jump to.  I miss this workaround.