How to skip an Engage interaction?

I have a course where the user will select one of two options on a slide, each of which opens a different Engage interaction. I have these interactions inserted one after the other in the PowerPoint. When a user finishes the first one, I want the "Next Slide" button to take them to the next PowerPoint slide, not the next Engage interaction - they only need to view one of them. I don't see a way to customize which slide the "Next Slide" button will direct them to. Is there a way to do this? Or a better way to organize and present my information to work around this?  Thank you for any tips!

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Patti Bryant


This can be accomplished using branching. Click here to view how to customize branching. In short, click Slide Properties, select the drop down for the first Engage interaction and select the next PowerPoint slide. Then, do the same thing for the other Engage interaction.

I hope this helps!

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