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Sue Ascher

I tried that and it worked, but do not want to have an audio button on the screen when none exists. I also tried making the intro button white - again the outline still shows up on the screen. Any other suggestions would be great.

I read that this issue did not exist in Presenter 09. Will this be fixed?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sue -- Thanks for your reply! First, I wanted to mention in case you weren't aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are visible publicly here in the thread. So, in the interests of protecting your privacy, please feel free to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove those details if you wish. 

And regarding the information you've shared, I think it would be most helpful if we were able to take a look at your file. Please use the steps here to create an Articulate Package, and if you'd like to share for confidential review, here is the form you need to submit your file

Amy Vaquera

I know this is an old thread but since it was responded to 4 months ago I thought I'd try here rather than start a new discussion about the same thing.

Was there ever a solution found (and posted!) for this? I also need the graphic to be visible first with no open text labels. Using the audio only solution technically works but I have the same issue with the visible audio-only marker. After changing the marker to white, it still leaves a little gray circle on my image. It seems silly to incorporate a generic statement "Please disregard this marker". Also, what if my image didn't have any white space to "hide" this marker? I understand that if a marker has content it should be available to click, but since we are using the marker as a workaround only and it doesn't have content (I didn't insert any audio), it doesn't make sense for it to be visible. 

From what I can tell from this thread, it seems that a solution may be available but one has never been posted. Instead, people have to open a support case one-by-one and send their files to get a solution? It also seems that this is a new "feature" with Articulate 13 that a lot of people don't like so I would hope that the ability to change the auto-open setting wouldn't be considered an enhancement that we would have to wait for.

If I have to open a support case, I will as I need my interaction to function appropriately. Any help would be appreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy! I went back through all of the customers that posted here and I do not have a secret solution to share outside of what has been shared here. It looks like many did not reach out to support.  Would you be able to share your Articulate Package with us here?

Hi Rhonda! You are welcome to reach out as well, but I did want to mention that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your e-mail so you are welcome to pop in and update if needed.

Amy Vaquera

Hi Leslie! Thanks for the prompt reply. :)

The post from Marcelo G made me wonder if a solution had been found, but perhaps when he says "The file works." he is referring to opening the interaction directly in Engage. In this case, the first label does not open automatically. It seems odd that once inserted in a presentation, the functionality changes.

Marcelo G - "Thank you. The file works. Is there a setting I can change in the actual course slides to make them work as in the file you sent me?"

I will package a subset of my presentation with a couple of Engage interactions and submit a support case as you recommend. However, since no secret solution ;) has been posted, I have no doubt that Articulate Support will recommend I suggest an enhancement. While I know you are not personally responsible for the changes from 09 to 13, you are the one who gets to reply to the forums so you get to hear my rant. :)

It is pretty frustrating for me, and I sense much of the community, that functionality from 09 was lost with 13 despite what Articulate says. In these cases, users have been told that they are requesting an enhancement. I would think an upgrade would have added features, not have others removed. I can't tell you how many interactions I had to rebuild when an older course built in 09 required edits because upon conversion to 13 my community interactions had to be rebuilt. I have similar dissatisfaction with the solution from Articulate for behavior caused by the unified player regarding quiz retakes and reviewing content.


I appreciate you listening to me vent and for your attention to my query. I will follow the process since it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks!

Amy Vaquera

Just a follow-up... the same information was provided to me as given in this forum previously. Use audio-only with the first marker. Additionally, the support analyst said I could just title the audio only marker and add an additional marker for the first piece of content.

And she submitted a feature request on my behalf for markers to not auto-open. Hope this helps others to know that "setting the markers to not open automatically is not a supported feature" even though that's how it worked in 09.


Crystal Horn

Amy, thanks so much for popping back in with an update.  Super helpful information for anybody who comes across this thread.  For anybody else out there who needs the ability to disable markers from auto-opening, here is our feature request form which goes to our product development team!  Let us know what's important to you and why.

Ruth Nahanee

I do not want the intro text box to open up when my reader clicks on next slide.  I want them to be able to view the graphic first then click next to open up the intro text box in the engage.  I am not seeing a solution here.  I did try to un-check the intro and use the 1st step as an intro but when I publish, and click on next the text box is still automatically opening up.  According to this feed it appears the audio suggestion is not working also.  Can I stop a text box from opening up so my readers can view the graphic first?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for reaching out here - I'd love to take a look at your .intr file to see what you've set up and offer some specifics around that. The audio only as the first marker in the Labelled Graphic in Engage should be working for what you've described and what others have shared here - so if you're seeing something different it'd be best to get a look at your file.. You’ll want to upload the .intr file here (which is the file prior to publishing) using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window.