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Nov 06, 2013


I'm testing to update some presentations from Studio 09 to 13.

Now if have an issue with hyperlinked documents in engage.

When I hyperlink documents in a text by 'Insert hyperlink', chose "jump to URL" and insert e.g. 'document.pdf', Engage is correcting this to 'http://document.pdf'. This isn't working.

the original presentation was made In Studio 09 - there it had been possible to insert documents directly within the text.

in Storyline the Option is called "Jump to URL/File".

Any Ideas or a workaround without Menu/documents?

greetings, roman

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deb creghan


I have an Engage 09 FAQ file where I am linking to PDF docs saved on a web server for more details on each topic in the FAQ.  I publish the Engage file and insert the SWF into a html page.  I'm learning that some of my users are experiencing just a flashing screen when they click on the links from Engage - the document never opens.  Sometimes they can open the first document but nothing else and others can't open anything. They have Adobe Reader 9 - do you know if this is an issue?   I can link to html file without any problems... any help is appreciated.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chantal and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Did you see Ashley's response above:

This is due Engage 13 not supporting file hyperlinks, but if you need to hyperlink to a file, upload it to a web server, then link to the file's URL. (Free file storage is offered by many online services, such as AmazonDropboxMicrosoft, and Google.)

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