Hyperlinks in Engage

I am new to Articulate and trying to figure out how to use hyperlinks within an Engage interaction. 

For example, I can get multiple hyperlinks to work from the Introduction slide of a step-interaction, but not from any of the step slides themselves (e.g. when I try to insert multiple hyperlinks to other steps, they all end up going the same place).  Another example: I try to hyperlink to multiple slides in the Media Tour from the first slide, and they also all end up going to the same place.  Am I doing something wrong or trying to do something that's not possible?  Thank you!

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Brian Batt

Hi A H and welcome to Heroes,

If hyperlinks in your Engage interactions do not work and you are using Presentation playback mode, please review the following article:


If you continue to have issues, please submit a support case to us by using the link below:


Donna  Q

A.H. - This is possible, because just last week I successfully created slides that link to multiple steps within the same Engage tutorial. However, at the moment, however, I am having that same problem on another tutorial  where all 3 of my hyperlinks are taking on the properties of the same link. Have you submitted a support case or received any feedback?