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James Jenkin

Thanks Phil.  I dare say I'm am being particularly dumb!  When I place the document (my file name) in a folder (documents)in the same relative position as the 'data' and 'player' folders under the published file folder, and set the hyperlink to '/documents/my file name', I get a "Cannot find 'file:///C:/documents/(my file name)" message. It would appear that the hyperlink is attempting to look for an absolute address rather than a relative one - though why there are 3 '///' I have no idea.  What am I doing wrong!  Many Thanks in advance.

James Jenkin


I am publishing to CD for test as at this stage I don't know whether a client will want the package on line or not.  I suspect they might want both.  However I have identified the problem. I was publishing the presentation on a network drive.  When I brought it down to a local drive, the hyperlink relative address was located as intended!

Live and learn