Image Zoom Selection Color

Hi there,

Does anyone have any idea about how to change the color of the selection area in the new image zoom Engage interaction?  It defaults to a transparent gray, but I would like it to be much light, or even clear.  I can't find any settings for it in the interaction, or in the Player Properties advanced color editing.


Carol Sinko

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carol, 

I've gone through the same options and I haven't had any luck finding the one tied to the selection for the zoom in that particular interaction. It doesn't look like this is currently available in Engage '13.

I believe this is by design - to make it clear where the learner needs to click in order to zoom into the inserted image. However, I can definitely see how providing the option to modify the color or transparency may help.

I would recommend sending over a feature request to our development team for this, if you'd like to see it available in the future. Just be sure to be as detailed as possible and try to provide an example of a situation where this would be helpful. 

In the meantime, if you have any luck finding a way to modify this, I'd love to hear about it :)