Images in Engage not displaying... thoughts from the group?

Feb 14, 2012

My developers and I are having an issue with Engage displaying images in Internet Explorer. It's a complex problem and I'll do my best to outline it below.

-courseware is developed in Articulate Presenter OR Adobe Captivate. The courseware developed in Presenter uses Engage interactions as player tabs, and the Captivate courseware links to published Engage content.

-courseware is deployed on Plateau LMS using SCORM 1.2

-if accessing the LMS from the organization's intranet, all content displays properly

-if accessing the LMS from outside (extranet) ONLY the jpg images are not displaying, IF the user is using IE.

-if accessing the LMS from outside, using Firefox (PC and Mac) or Safari (Mac) everything appears perfectly.

So... anyone have any ideas why IE would block images from ONLY engage interactions? All images in Presenter and Quizmaker and Captivate show properly... it's only the Engage images that don't display.



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Peter Anderson

Hey Peter!

I'd recommend sending us the .INTR file you're experiencing the issue with so we can try to reproduce it on our end. You can do that here:

Please include the url to this link and as much detail as possible when submitting your case, and one of our support engineers will be contacting you shortly. Thanks!

Peter Anderson

Hi again, Peter-

Another thought: If you have included an Engage ’09 interaction in your presentation and have configured it so that an image zooms in a new window or a movie launches in a new window, you may encounter an error message similar to the following during playback:

"Page cannot be found."

Please review the following article for more information and solutions:

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