images in Media Panel

I want to edit the size of the images that appear on the lower portion of the screen in the media panel interaction. The resize options available seems to be for the large image that appears as you click through each of the panels. I want to keep that larger image the same but have a thumbnail appear in the lower panel. Right now, my images there are getting cropped.

Anyone know how to fix this? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jesse and welcome to Heroes! 

There isn't a way to change the size within the thumbnail, and the image is cropped to just show a piece of it. Here is an additional tutorial on using the media panel, and also as a point of reference the maximum dimensions are as follows:

When media is positioned on the left or right side of each step, the maximum dimensions are 526 x 200.

When media is positioned on the top or bottom of each step, the maximum dimensions are 601 x 142.