Imported image with text from Illustrator gets very blurred

Oct 24, 2011

Sorry, can't seem to find an answer for this.

I created a graphic with text using adobe illustrator. It looks outstanding.

I exported it as .PNG with size of 506x308 pixels to fit perfectly in Engage, using the Process interaction.

You probably know what happens next.  The graphics are fine but the text is VERY blurry.  I adjusted the resolution in properties, still no go.  I also set Optimize to lock.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Scott Elliott


Yes, pretty much the same issue.

Engage must be doing something to the image as the image it is importing (.PNG, 24 bit) looks great.

The image is a flowchart with text.  The flowchart image is passible.  The text not so much. As I said, the .PNG looks great until it imports into Engage.  I'm out of ideas.

My SME is getting restless and I may have to use straight-up PowerPoint.

I've attached images if you want to mess with it.

Much appreciated.


Justin Wilcox

Check out how to lock your player template size. It's step 1 in the article Peter directed you to:

The reason your image is losing quality is because you are probably using a player template that is filling your computer screen so you are seeing an enlarged version of your image which will appear blurrier.

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