Importing Downloaded Engages

When I download engage examples from the elearning heros "download" section, I am unable to import them into my project.

Storyline and 360 are looking for a file with the suffix *intr, and the file downloads as a zip file. So I get the message "Could not Import" and when I choose continue, I get the error message "Error Importing Engage" 

I have tried to do this with Storyline and 360. Does anyone have any ideas?




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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Lisa,

Two potential solutions:

  1. If the original Engage interaction was zipped before upload, you need to download and unzip it and you'll find the .intr inside the zip folder.
  2. Some browsers will change the download file to .zip instead of keeping it .intr when downloading. You can download and try to change the .zip extension to .intr (assuming it was uploaded an .intr to begin). You can also try to right click and save as to see if you can download without the browser changing the extensions.

Which interactions were you downloading?