Importing Engage 360 interactions into Storyline 360

Can I import Engage 360 into Storyline 360?  

I have tried doing this with the Import > Engage option.  Interaction is imported successfully and previews with the message "Engage interaction is unavailable during preview".  When I publish the Storyline file I get the attached error message.



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Kay Fenton

I have encountered another error in a different Storyline package where Firefox is not displaying Results from the results slide.  It works if I use Internet Explorer but not Firefox. This has been tested on SCORM cloud. Has anyone else encountered problems with Firefox lately.  I have the latest updated for Firefox installed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kay, 

Firefox is a supported browser for HTML5, as detailed here within Storyline 360's system requirements.  The Engage interactions should also work normally within Storyline 360 as noted here. I haven't run into any recent issues with HTML5 first output, but if you've got a link to the published output I'm happy to give it a try and I'd also be curious to see the .story file as well. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing that here, Kay! For others who may encounter this issue:

The new set up within Articulate 360 allows you to choose exactly how you want to publish for Flash, HTML, or both. It's an easy selection from within the publishing window.

You'll also notice that you can determine which is the default as well:

  • HTML5/Flash: This publishes your course as HTML5 first with Flash fallback. Learners will see HTML5 output if they’re using a supported HTML5 browser. If not, they’ll see Flash output.
  • Flash/HTML5: This publishes your course as Flash first with HTML5 fallback. Learners will see Flash output if they’re using a Flash-enabled browser. If not, they’ll see HTML5 output.
Kay Fenton

Hi Ashley

If I publish as HTML5/Flash and then just preview it from publishing, the slides say browser not supported - this is in Firefox.  If I change to Flash/HTML5 and then publish, in preview it works fine.  Attached are a couple of slides I have been playing with.  When I upload to Articulate Review both versions play perfectly.  Its just strange that I cant preview the output with the Flash/HTML5 option.

Terri Smith

Hi, Can anyone please point me to the steps to include/merge/ created engage 360 and quizmaker 360 files into my storyline 360 project? Can i import the en and qm files unpublished into the sl project, edit them while imported if necessary, and complete one overall publish for the entire project/package within storyline 360?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Terri!

You got it--you can import Engage interactions and Quizmaker questions into Storyline 360 by clicking the Slides tab, then clicking Import

You do not need to publish the Engage and Quizmaker files before importing them into Storyline. And if you need to make edits to those files before you publish the entire Storyline 360 project, you can do that too! Here's how:

  • Engage: To edit an Engage interaction in Storyline, select its placeholder, then use the Options tab on the ribbon to adjust any of the following properties.
  • Quizmaker: After importing a quiz into Storyline, you can edit questions like any other slide. You can also use the Form View and Slide View buttons in the Question panel on the right side of the screen to toggle between both editing workspaces.
Terri Smith

I have a customized story size in my sl360 project, so I used the same size setting in the en and qm files, but noticed when i published the sl file with my first en file imported, the size is smaller. The engage output sits centered in the sl slide with white space on either side, rather than filling the screen. Why? How can i fix this?

Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, that shouldn't be happening if your Story Size and Interaction Size are the same. Are you working from your local hard drive? Working from a network drive or zip drive can cause issues with your file, so you'll want to first ensure you're working locally. 

Also, you may want to try re-importing the Engage interaction into a new Storyline file--does the same thing happen there?