Insert multiple Engage interactions

I Insert multiple Engage interactions as Flash movies in a single #Articulate Presenter course, following the instructions of this screen:


I haven’t any problems except in Process Engage. In this case the steps are duplicated (it's a process of sis steps and it appears twelve).


What could be the problem?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Roma, 

So after renaming your Flash files and the contents folder to something unique, as shown in the screencast, your 6-step process displays as a 12-step process?

If you'd like to attach a screenshot of the Engage process interaction and the published output folder itself, maybe I can get a better idea of how to help you resolve the issue.

David Anderson

Hi Roma,

I'm not sure what could be happening. When I look at your files locally, I see only six steps. For some reason, your process interaction isn't  displaying for me in the published version you sent, but when I open your data/swf/fm_engage file, it looks as expected.

If you can, will you use Articulate's Send to Package to zip up all your project files and post to the forums? This will also include your .ppta file which will help us determine what's going on.

The only thing--and this is probably a reach--I'd recommend trying is not going with the "fm_engage" since you're working with multiple Engage files. You gave the other two unique names, but you're using the default name for this one file. I don't know if that will help, but it's worth trying.

I tried a quick demo based on your project file. I created three Engage files: Labeled, Tabs and Process. I don't see any issues with the, but maybe the set up structure will help.

Quick demo: download