Inserting video into engage

Hi Guys,

I am new to using Engage and Presenter and am having problem getting a good quality of graphic on a video I am inserting into Engage.

I created the video in Go To Meeting showing how to click into different sites on an intranet page, then converted this in Video Encoder from wmv to flv. I managed to crop the image in Encoder just to show the section of the screen I wanted to but when the video shows in Engage it is quite small ( even though I selected large when publishing from V Encoder ) and the quality is poor.

 Sorry if this question has been asked before or I am just being silly, am new to this and can't get the funding for training on articulate !



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Helen,

Just taking a stab here...have you tried any of these. This Peter Anderson answer is from another thread:

"You should be able to adjust the size of your videos by clicking Size -> Custom Size, and then entering the specific size, in pixels, that you want the media to be. (Mark the Keep Aspect Ratio box if you want to adjust the size but still keep the same width/height proportions.)"

He also provides a link with a David Anderson tutorial:

And, there's a post-publication suggestion here