Inserting video into engage presentation, I followed the instructions on how to embed a video...this one in an engage interaction...I get the image of the You Tube video I want and there is the play button, but when I press, nothing comes up.

Replay does not allow me to convert videos, which would probably be a better way to do this...any suggestions?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michele,

How are you viewing the interaction when you're testing the YouTube video? Have you uploaded the project to a web server or LMS? If not, that may make a difference. If you could try that out and let us know if that helps, that would be great :)

You should be able to publish an MP4 with Replay and insert that into Engage, but that would work differently than a YouTube embedded video. You could request the original video file from the author or request permission to record the video and insert the new video file.