Interaction audio problem

On a long-standing Media Tour .intr, the audio narration was somehow changed to an audio track with just two, anomalous sound artifacts. Where there were words and a minute+ of narration, there are now just two non-verbal sounds. This happened on one day when publishing the lesson anew for Articulate Online in our migration from another LMS.

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Wayne Vermillion

Shared - case #00321530

I've had problems with disappearing audio since the beginning of this project in 2010, despite following all the standard rules such as working only on the local disk, etc. In this case, I'm especially surprised because this audio has been in place since 2010, and the only thing done with this early lesson was to re-publish it in the week of 18Feb.

Wayne Vermillion

Regarding the server, yes, we are now using Articulate Online instead of leased server space. Also, my "untouched" claim is not completely accurate, now that I remember opening each .intr in each lesson to be re-published, just long enough to make sure the .intr link was still in place. I did that because in several cases in the past, the lesson reported "can't find X.intr" and I had to browse for it. So this and all my .intr's were opened and then closed just before republishing.