Interactions not working on previously saved presentations

Aug 03, 2017

Hi there, 

I'm having a new issue when saving, closing and re-opening my PPTs and interactions. 

I have created a new PPT, and new interactions within this. I then saved this and closed the PPT, and re-opened at a later time to publish. However when I previewed the course, the interactions came up as the title slides from the PPT, not the interactions themselves. When I click 'Edit in Engage' nothing happens either, although the interactions are all saved. 

Everything is saved locally, and I'm using PPT 2016. 

Any guidance would be much appreciated! 



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Ali Goulet

Hey Anne!

Thanks for those details. It looks like your screenshot didn't come through. If you're replying via email, attachments won't make it to the thread here. 

No worries though! Pop into the thread here and you can add it as an attachment to a comment like this: 

Also, if you could share your Articulate Package source files for this course- I'm happy to take a look and do some investigating. You can also add that .zip right to a comment here as an attachment.

Thanks again! 

Ali Goulet

Hey Anne!

Thanks a bunch for sharing those. It doesn't look like any of your interactions came with that, when I extracted your package- this is what I saw:


I'll need your help to figure out what's happening, and I have a couple questions to start out with:

  1. Just to verify- did you follow the steps here to create the Articulate Package?
  2. You mentioned in your post that they're saved locally, but just to double check and cover all bases here- are the files being saved right to your C:Drive/desktop while you're working with them?
  3. If you open a new file and insert interactions, do you find the same thing happening?

Let me know!

Anne Bradbury

Hi Aly, 

Yes I followed those steps, the same thing happens with new files and PPTs, but only once I've closed them and re-opened them. 

The interactions themselves are saved in the same folder as the PPT. I didn't set this up, it has always happened like this. I've attached the whole file as a Zip. There are other files in there, but hopefully it'll be clear which is which! I sent you Unit 1 LO2 as an example. 





Ali Goulet

Hey Anne,

Thanks for sharing that with me! I did see that the interactions were not present within the Presenter files, only the placeholders were. 

Since this is happening with multiple files you're working on, try running this repair on Studio 13.

Then reinsert your interactions into a file and use the option "Save As" making sure that it's saving right to your C:Drive or Desktop. Then close out that file and reopen the file you just saved.

Let me know if that does the trick!

Ali Goulet

Hey Anne,

Welcome back! Hope you had an enjoyable leave 😄

Sorry you're still hitting this. Were you able to run through the repair I suggested above

If you've been through those steps and are still seeing this happen, let me know and I'll have one of our Support Engineers reach out to you directly to continue troubleshooting! 

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