Issues with engaging interaction content

Hey there,

Some of our users are facing issues with engaging interactions content, sometimes the engaging interactions popups are blank, you have to click next and previous multiple times to view the content. I noticed this happens when you click the next button quickly without viewing all content in each step under the same engaging interaction.

Also sometimes the engaging interaction has a couple of steps in them and the user views all of them but still gets the notification that says that the user must complete all steps in order to continue, since it has the locked navigation mode on. The user views all steps but still has the introduction or summary slide under that engaging interaction incomplete, since he can see the steps on the screen and he revisits them, but is not able to figure out the introduction slide is still incomplete. Is there a way to resolve this? I can share with you the presenter file in privet if you have a link for that.

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Hamzeh Alshishani

Hey Brian,

I am not sure, they only get stuck on engaging interactions slides only. I noticed the same thing happens with me when trying to go through the steps really quick even when I run the course locally. Is there a way to make the steps locked as the other slides, like you can't click next until the seekbar has fully completed all audio content? I know this was a feature in Articulate Studio 09 but not in Studio 13.

Thanks Brian!