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Sep 08, 2014

Hi everyone,

I've not been able to experiment much with 13. I'm facing a minor issue (not sure if this is an issue or an in-built feature).

I've a global level Previous and Next button in a WBT course which take me to the Previous and the Next slide within a course. However, these buttons do not work as intended for an Engage interaction.

In an Engage interaction, the Previous and the Next button take me to the previous and next interactivity within the Engage interaction rather than the Previous and Next page within the course.

Is there a resolution?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Suman!

This was by design in Studio '13 when the player was unified, however, the latest update addressed this feature request by our users.

With the release of Update 3 for Articulate Studio '13, you can now control how the Prev and Next buttons behave for Articulate Engage interactions embedded in Articulate Presenter courses. The navigation buttons can either jump to the previous/next step in the interaction or the previous/next slide in the overall presentation. See this article for details.

Carrie Eaton

Leslie, I've done everything in the article....still can't get the interaction to work as needed.

Interaction properties are set to interactive/show prev next. If I allow user to leave the interaction at any time, I can choose prev/next to go to slide. But if I choose leave after all steps are done, the next/prev goes back to step in interaction and is grayed out. Ideas??

Carrie Eaton
  • I want the learners to be required to click each segment of the circle diagram.
  • If they click NEXT before they have chosen all segments, I want them to receive a message that they must choose all segments before proceeding.
  • After they have chosen (clicked) all segments, I want NEXT to take them to the next screen.

I published this course yesterday and all was working as described above. Made an unrelated graphic change on another screen, and now NEXT moves within the interaction even if they have clicked all segments. They must used NEXT to go through all segments (even those already clicked) before NEXT will take them to the next screen.

I haven't created an Articulate Package before but can do that if it can be sent privately.


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