Knowledge Checks don't route back to beginning of interractions

Jul 17, 2014

I have created a module that contains several interrations separated by mini-quizzes. When I preview the module, I FAIL the quizzes to see if the "On failing, 'Finish' button:" property "Goes to Slide (previous interraction slide)". I am routed back to the end of the interraction, instead of the beginning of it.

I have tried looping the interraction and never resuming it, but neither one of these route the learner to the beginning of the interraction, it's always the end of it. I have also added a hidden slide (with .25 seconds before it auto-advances to the interration) before the interraction to point the quiz to - but I am still routed to the end of the interraction.

Also, when I click the Previous button in the quiz, it takes me back through the quiz and interraction. How do I disable this? I have disabled the Review the Quiz option in both PASS/FAIL results slides.

I can load my files for someone to review and advise; but I need to know how to do this, too. (I am very new to this!).


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paula,

I'm not sure I'm seeing the same thing you described when I try to recreate this issue on my end. If I only allow one attempt, and I have the initial slide of the quiz tied to the "Finish" button, it takes me back to the first question - I cannot change my response, because there are no additional attempts.

Now, if you're giving additional attempts, you'll see the same thing. If you're wanting learners to retake the quiz, they'll need to interact with either the default "Retry" button, or a customized version of that button.

As for the "Previous" button, here's a little more information on that:

The Prev button on the Articulate Presenter '13 player jumps to the last visited slide by default. It may not be the slide that's sequentially before the current slide in PowerPoint. For example, if a learner jumps from slide 1 to slide 5 then click Prev, they'll go back to slide 1, not slide 4.

If you'd prefer the Prev button to always jump to the slide that's sequentially before the current slide, no matter which slide was last visited, use the Slide Properties manager to assign specific slide numbers to each Prev button.

Now for quizzes and interactions, we're aware that the "Previous" button should not show on the results slide as this can confuse learners - especially when you don't have the review option enabled. We applied a fix in Update 2 that removed the Previous button from the results slide. However, if you're tying that first slide of the quiz to the "Finish" button, you should see something similar to what I described earlier.

Paula DuMond

I went in to the Slide Properties and updated the Previous button to branch back to a blank slide before the interraction, and it did not work. The previous button in the quiz still takes me back through the quiz. and the Previous button in the interractions till takes me back through the interraction.

Basically all I need is for the interraction to replay or start from the beginning when the learner fails a quiz, and hits FINISH. Is there no way to loop the interaction? I see loop pesentation in the presenter properties, but not in the interraction properties.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paula,

Re: the update - you can download from that product page. After downloading, you'll see three options. You'll want to use the "Reinstall" option to apply the update to your current installation.

This download page will allow you to bypass the Articulate ID information, however.

You can also enable the automatic check for updates feature in Presenter '13:

I also recommend following us on these sites:

Those social pages are usually updated right away, when we have new information regarding updates.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, you won't be able to "loop" using the "Finish" button. If you need learners to view it again from the beginning, they'll need to use the "Retry" button on the "Fail" portion of the results slide.

However, if you're not seeing the first portion of the quiz (even if it's disabled) that might be something to look into. Let me know if that's the case.


Paula DuMond

Maybe I'm not making myself clear. All I need is for the learner to be able to click FINISH after failing the quiz and to be routed back to the BEGINNING of the interraction that is before the quiz. Right now it is taking them to the END of the interraction.

I still can't download the keeps telling me "The installed version of the application could not be determined. The setup will now terminate." I do not see a Rerinstall option...All I see is download now, and then it tries to Run, and I get this error message...

And the "check for updates at startup" box is already checked in my Presenter '13 Options.

Paula DuMond

Yes Minh-Triet, that is exactly the issue. If only there was a "loop" or "rewind" feature in the interraction player!

I decided not to require the learner to retry or pass the mini-quizzes, since the quiz at the end is what determines whether they pass the course or not. I do give them the option to REVIEW the quiz to compare their responses to the correct answers. This reinforces what they need to know for the final quiz since the questions in the mini-quizzes are also in the final quiz.


I also need to remove the preview button from the results slides in the quiz, which would be remedied by downloading the Update 2, but I can't seem to get that to work either. I still need help with downloading the Update 2.

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