Label transparency

Nov 02, 2011


I am working on a labeled Engage interaction.  I would like the label to NOT be transparent, but I can't seem to find a place to edit the transparency.

We found that some colors don't bleed through quite as much (yellow, for example), but we don't want to use yellow!

Is there a place where I can edit the transparency of the label or an equal workaround?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jessica - it's not currently possible to control the transparency on the callouts boxes of a Labeled Graphic... that would make a great feature request! In the meantime, experimenting with different colors for the callout background & the text is a good idea. Another thing that might help, depending on the image you're using in your Labeled Graphic, is that you can adjust the location where the callout box opens up, relative to the marker. So maybe if the callouts are currently opening over a part of the graphic that makes the text difficult to read, you could change their location and see if that helps. Here's where to find that setting in your interaction:

Jeanette Brooks

Hey you know what Jessica - just thought of one more idea. Again it kind of depends on what sort of image you're using for your Labeled Graphic, but you might get better legibility on the callouts if you change the callout color to black and use white text. Here's a screencast that shows how to do that:

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