Labeled Graphic color discrepancy in views

I changed the arrow color to black on a labeled graphic. It displays as black in the development view. When I include an Introduction Step and preview or publish, the interaction displays black arrow pointer. However, I do NOT want the Introduction. When I removed from the development, the arrow on the development view is visible as black; however, in preview and publish, the arrow is WHITE! Please advise how this could be.

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Tammy Sellers

Sure - here is its... you can see that I have changed the arrow to black ... and it appears black while in the development view. If you preview or publish though, the interaction arrow displays as white. However, try changing the interaction to have the introduction to this engage... and then publish - lo and behold, that arrow is rightfully black!!! hmmmm.... am I crazy? or what did I miss?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tammy!

Seeing your published version is not needed.

Just to clarify, I see the behavior you are describing with the single marker in your file.

I was actually able to re-create this issue as well and I also see that this is something that has been reported to our QA Team, but there is no fix at this time nor do I have a timeline to provide.

So, the issue does not seem to occur if you include an introduction or multiple labels, so hopefully one of these can be added to your project if you are unable to utilize the white arrow that is happening.

I will add this thread to the QA report so that we can follow up if applicable.

A great testing tool, for future use, is SCORM Cloud.

Tammy Sellers

ok - so I AM NOT crazy - at least on this issue ! :-0

I am actually cheating on using this--- I love how the labeled graphic works, but I needed a different background graphic every 2 steps of a procedure. So I am cheating in using this for a procedural issue, because I do not like how the procedure intr operates.

So I included the intro ONLY on steps 1 and 2, then did a single intr, followed by another engage intr with 2 steps - for a total of 3 labeled graphics with ONLY the first having the introduction. Sooo, the final 2 engage intr that I had weaved together were the issues with the mysterious arrow changes.

It seems every time I get creative in building I run into issues - I thought this was a simple creative fix, but alas, I will have to conform in a different way! Thanks so much for your help on this... if you have any other ideas, let me know.