Labeled Graphic - How do I remove border from Interaction?


I'm new to Articulate, and am hoping someone can help. I've googled but with no success.

I am using labeled graphic with the master slide, small pixel and grid as outlined by Jeanette Brooks. It is super and her instructions very clear. But I seem to have missed something as I'm getting a blue border both when I Edit the Engage interaction and on previewing.

Would someone be able to advise how I can remove this border? (see below to see how it displays when editing the interaction)

I'm using PowerPoint 2013 with Articulate Studio '13, using the master slide for the graphic as per the instructions and with the 1x1 pixel as the image in the labled graphic & transparent background colour scheme (as supplied by Jeanette).

with thanks,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi E Learning and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Are you referring to this guide? Did you remove the media border listed in step 5?

I'm not sure that this tutorial will work the same as it did in '09 and I've not seen an example as the check box Include slide master behind quizzes and interactions is not a feature of Studio '13.

E Learning

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is the guide. I checked my settings and miraculously I have them set as per the instructions.

I found an option 'Include slide master behind interactions' in the Presenter Options ... is this different to '09?

Thanks again.


Ben Harris


Sorry to bring up and old topic, but having the same issue and I'm wondering if there is a solution. Currently using a 1.1pix background image with transparency and a slide master. That all seems to work extremely well, but I can't seem to get rid of the blue border shown in the image below. Is there a solution for this at all? Using engage 2013.



Ben Harris

Ah, I'm so sorry. I've given you the wrong file. That was an earlier version I was working on.

That should be right file now. It's got a 1x1 pixel image and then I'm using that against a slide master with the engage interaction supposed to be transparent. Did you need the background image for the master file as well?

Thanks again, sorry for sending the wrong file!


Ben Harris

That's right. The interaction is a slide in Powerpoint. Ill share the whole package, but it's 132mb, Hope that's ok. I did get an email back from articulate support saying that they don't think it's possible and I should submit a feature request last night.  I can get rid of everything else except the blue border!