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I have generated a labelled Graphic (Studio 13) I have a couple of issues!

1. when it starts it opens the Introduction automatically - is there a way of stopping this.. so the user has to click on the "i" to see the intro

2. When i hover over the markers I get the marker label which is fine, and clicking on the marker brings up the description ; again fine, however in order to exit the description you have to click somewhere outside the description box.... unless I provide instructions to do this.. it is not obvious that this is required to exit the description. Also as some of the descriptions are quite long it covers some of the other markers preventing access to them until you exit the previous description - is there any way around this?

3. if I set the interaction to allow user to advance in any order and remove the previous/next buttons, how do they progress to the next part of the training?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patricia!

This does occur by default, and a way around this would be to put an audio-only label first 

Making an audio-only marker

To make an audio-only marker, mark the Audio Only box in the Audio panel. The Text and Media panels will become grayed out. If you change your mind, uncheck the Audio Only box.

If you check out the tutorial here, you can control where the content opens as well as transparency if that will make it easier for you learners. 

You can control how you'd like that navigation to behave. The navigation buttons can either jump to the previous/next step in the interaction or the previous/next slide in the overall presentation. See this article for details.