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Daniel  Feerst

The button is visible until the end of a Test. I check all the options about reviewing a test, print certification, etc. but this button shows up on the bottom right. When clicked by all my customers it does nothing. So, to stop the insanity, I changed the title of this button to a dash mark "  -  " My questions is why does it appear, and how do I get rid of it.

Leslie McKerchie

It appears as a part of the Result slide by default.

Removing the Finish button from a quiz result slide isn't currently supported.

It sounds like you need the result slide based on your mention of printing, scoring and certificates, but you can turn off the result slide, which effectively removes the Finish button. See this tutorial to learn how to turn off the result slide.

Deb Munitz

Am somewhat annoyed. I have followed a few articles that keep leading to other articles and none really address the issues. I launch my lesson in separate windows because ages and ages ago this was necessary to allow windows to be closed. (Mentioned in the page linked to above for Firefox.) So I am already doing this (which I might add is a big pain in my rear for ALL manner of reasons. That being said there should be a way to configure what the finish button does. Or where it goes. I have yet to find an article that explains the proper functioning of the button, or how to configure. All I see are people complaining it doesn't work and the suggestion that you can kill the results page where it shows up as a workaround. This is not a good reply. Other than editing the button name as Daniel Feerst did (crazy but probably better for the students) what else can be done? I think there needs to be a single support article other than these community rants that clearly address what this button is supposed to do and how to get it to do that. It seems to me that it should function just as the exit button does and it doesn't. What do I need to do to get it to do that?

Deb Munitz

After considerable trial and error, I was able to ascertain that the function of the Finsih button is controlled by "Editing the Properties" of the Quiz.

Under Quiz Properties for the first and second choices"When a User Passes" and "When a User Fails" I needed to change the choice from the default "Go to Next Screen" (I don't have a next screen) to "Close Window".   RECOMMENDATION TO ARTICULATE: If there is  setting that causes no action, there should be a user message like: "There are no additional screens to move forward to." Testers would more quickly be able to grasp what's happening.

One of the biggest failures of Studio 13 over Studio 9 was the studious removal of user feedback. This is yet another example of the big steps backward.