Link a pdf document in Engage´13


I downloaded the trial version of articulate'13, I'm trying to link pdf files in Engage, I remember that in the previous version could do so by entering in the hyperlink file path (eg / data/downloads/file1.pdf). In this version, when I put the path to the example and publish the file in Presenter, I get in front of the path (http://), which the link leads me to a url that does not exist. Is there any way to do this in the '13 version?
Sorry for my English. Thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nieves and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

An answer was posted on Romans thread by Ashley.

This is due Engage 13 not supporting file hyperlinks, but if you need to hyperlink to a file, upload it to a web server, then link to the file's URL. (Free file storage is offered by many online services, such as AmazonDropboxMicrosoft, and Google.)