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Laurel Blaydes

Can't seem to get it to work.  Do I use http:// in front?  Do I use the simple title: Staying on top of Turbulent Waters.pdf,

 or the full path, as in:

C:\Users\Laurel\Documents\ANA\Leadership Project\Advance Reading\Staying on top of Turbulent Waters.pdf

By the way, I'm trying to link to the file in Quizmaker, not Engage.

Thank you,

Justin Wilcox

Hi Laurel,

I believe what Phil was saying was:

  1. Create the link exactly as he describes.
  2. Insert the interaction into your presentation that contains the attachment.
  3. Publish the presentation. 

With attachments you want to test the attachment in the same environment that you publish for. So if you are testing the content locally, try publishing for CD and launching the presentation via the Launch_presentation.exe file.

Phil Mayor

no delete the http://  insert data/downloads/yourfilename.pdf

You need to change the filename to your filename, you also need to publish the whole project, for security reasons the file may not load if you test it locally, so you should upload to you server

I would get rid of the spaces in your filenames (swap for underscores) though and change to all  lowercase, it wont affect the file downloading but it helps to reduce the chances of making mistakes (you know files names are always lower case and no spaces, unix is case sensitive so will not find your file if you get the case wrong)

If this doesnt work post back and I can work through it with you

your example (without changing the name) would be data/downloads/Staying on top of Turbulent Waters.pdf paste this in, after deleting the http://