Link from engage interaction to presenter slides

Hi there - first timer question.  I am building a course in studio '09 and I am using tabbed interaction for a series of scenarios within a course. I would like to link from within the engage content to certain slides in the main presenter course, to enable the learner to explore related content to the choice that they make in the engage interaction.  Is this possible and if so, can I create a hyperlink from the course back to the engage interaction as well?  If not, is it better to create the scenarios in presenter to give more linking ability? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Holly - you can check out this blog post from Dave Moxon which explains how to link from your Engage interaction to a specific slide in your course. It's pretty neat. If you want to link back to your Engage interaction from one of your course slides, you can just insert a PowerPoint hyperlink that takes the learner to the slide on which your interaction is embedded. If the learner clicks that link though, they'll arrive at the beginning of the interaction; you won't be able to link back to a specific step or segment of the interaction itself.

Hope that helps!