Linking to PowerPoint Slide from within Engage 13

I recently upgraded from Studio 09 to Studio 13.  One of my projects is, from a user perspective, run completely through engage. 

I have an introductory PowerPoint slide, then an engage interaction (labeled graphic), and within each of the labeled graphic items, there are links to PowerPoint slides that are invisible/hidden/not accessible unless you link through the Engage items.  These worked great in the previous version, but not in the current '13 version.

How can i recreate the links to PowerPoint slides in Engage '13?  If there is not a solution, I will have to complete rewrite this entire program.

Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tracey and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

This is not a feature that is available in Engage '13, nor was it in Engage '09, but I know that some users were using an unsupported workaround. Perhaps someone in the community can assist you with this for Engage '13.

Articulate Engage '13 lets you hyperlink to:

  • Other steps in the same interaction
  • Web pages
  • Email addresses

However, file hyperlinks aren't currently supported. To hyperlink to a file, upload it to a web server, then link to the file's URL. (Free file storage is offered by many online services, such as AmazonDropboxMicrosoft, and Google.)

We also welcome your feature requests.