LONG tables - how best to present them?

Hi Community

I am writing a piece which has several really long tables, each with 3 columns and lots of bullet points. I was going to put them into Engage, but you have to use the scroll bar to see all of the content - and I don't think learners will do that. How can I creatively incorporate them into an Articulate WBT?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Melissa Korzun

Sometimes when I have content that SMEs insist be in the course, but I think is distracting and way too much for learners to grasp, I will link to it within the course (via a number of methods, an attachment, another slide, interaction) and reference it on the slide. So my slide might say, Click on the Book if you want to learn more about this topic. If they are interested, they click, if not they move on.

If the SMEs still aren't satisfied, then formating is your best option. Make it as visually appealing as you can. Organzing the information in well planned tables that use colors and fonts to guide the reader can take a lot of information and condense it down rather nicely.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kendra,  maybe find out from the SMEs what the main concern is with not showing the content on the screen. If they are concerned that people will just skip the attachment them maybe you could integrate an exercise into your course (using Quizmaker or branching in Presenter)  where they have to use the information in the attachment to answer the questions.  This will force them to reference the attachment. Also, if you don't want to use plain ole PDFs for this - you could try breaking up the information in the tables - into smaller tables and put them in an Engage interaction.  This could also be added as an attachment or embedded in the course itself.