Looking for Demos to be translated

Hi, all, I want to show visitors in my website in Brazilian Portuguese language what I can do for them. I use Articulate Engage '09 and I wished I could show to them the Engage Demos in Br-Pt, Years aboI heard from Articulate they were going to be produced. If that is the case, can anyone show me where they are?

If they were not produced,I wonder I can have the Project files for the Jobsin the tutorial page, so that I can translate myself and use them in my website withpermission.

If it is also not possible, Wouldany of youconsiderto have your filessampled in Portuguese language inmy website? I need short Projectsfor the engage '09 interactions: 'Process, labeled graphic, tabs, circle diagram, media tour, faq, pyramid, guided image'. They will be not for sale. Just to show the diferente types of interactions. Thanks a lot for the attention.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Myres,

I don't know of any source files that we have published in Brazilian Portuguese, so I hope that there are some community members who are able to share sample files with you.

You may also want to look at the Building Better courses forum as that is where a number of users have shared their examples and files.