Lost Characters when embedding engage into engage

Sep 19, 2011


I am having a problem when embedding an engage swf into another engage swf. The problem is that I am missing characters! If I publish the first engage swf it looks good, but if I embad that one into another engage swf I am missing characters! (Example: the original had "Chemical Pulp - Wood Free" after embedding it another engage swf in comes out "hemical Pulp - Wood ree"!!!

I have tried manually typing in the text, making a whole new Question ( I am emedding FAQs into a Tabs engage swf file) nothing seems to work.  It's always the same characters in each file but yet other files work just fine???

Any ideas???  Thanks, Gus...

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Gus Macropoulos

Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking a look at this for me.

The first file #1 is a screen shot of the 'slide' if I just publish it by itself:

The second file #2 is the same slide after I have embedded the FAQ into a TAB:

I am embedding 7 FAQ files into the TAB file and most of them work just fine!  Some of the other files exhibit the same type of failure!?

Thanks again, Gus...

Brian Batt

Hi Gus,

Did you copy and paste the text from Word or another program into Engage?  Sometimes, when you copy and paste text from one program or another, there will be additional information besides the raw text that is pasted.  This can cause random issues to occur.  Can you try manually typing the text into your interaction to see if that resolves the issue?

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