Make Engage Picture Larger

Hi all,

First off, I'm not asking about using "custom sizes" for pics.  I know how to do that.  Here's the issue:

I've inserted pictures into my Engage interaction so that learners can click the picture icon to expand the picture.  I've used the custom settings to make the icon about 50 X 50 when it appears onscreen. 

What I want to do is make the expanded version of this picture MUCH bigger.  How do I do it?  Is it an html code thing?


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Charles Zoffuto


The question is "how big do you want the image?" The answer is make the original image that size and using the media properties, set the custom size to 50x50. Make sure you have the zoom image feature on. IF you need the image to be bigger than interaction will allow, you will need to have it open in a new window or (depending on the interaction) adjust the properties to give you more room for media.