Make image larger in Engage/Glossary?

Hi all,

I'm still fairly green and learning. I'm using the Glossary feature to explain some status terms. Each term has a diagram associated with it. I'm currently using the diagram (.jpg) in the top position, I find it's a bit small, and I don't need as much space on the bottom for my explanation text. Is it possible to reallocate the amount of space? Or, will making my .jpg file larger somewhere in Engage automatically make it take up more space? I saw where the size was, but I didn't see a way to lock the ratio, so I was hesitant to change any numbers.

The zoom feature helps, but my first choice would be a bigger image before zoom.



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Janet Bernhards


Thanks for the reply and link. I looked at it and the example, too.  A couple of follow-on questions.

The specification/recommendation is 493 px by 330 px with glossary items set at a minimum. I'm assuming the glossary items set at a minimum refers to the left hand panel where you select a term, correct?

I find the example in the blog very confusing because the image takes up so much space, and in the case of a true glossary, there is no text/definition to accompany the image.  Is it the ratio of pixels that determine how much space Engage will allow the image to have?  My image pixel sizes are larger than 493 x 330  (an image created in visio, but saved as a jpg), so I can understand that Engage will have to shrink the image, but as you'll see in my example below, there is still a lot of unused space beneath the text.  I think there is plenty of room for the image to be larger and for the text to be pushed down.

I realize I may have to explore this further with a graphics artist type, but right now I'm trying to understand how the space for image vs. text in the right-hand side is allocated.


Janet Bernhards

Hmmm. So I went to the term and clicked Edit under the image to edit Multimedia Properties. I changed it to Custom Size.  I saw that it's  180 x 164.  I changed it to a larger dimension that is smaller than "the maximum dimension noted."  Is the maximum dimension noted you refer to the 493 x 330 mentioned in the blog article? 

I arbitrarily put in two numbers, and Engage kindly corrected me to inform me of the closest proportion I'd need to use. That was actually very helpful.  However, when I previewed, all of the text was gone, meaning the image is now too big.

It looks to me like this is going to be trial and error, as it appears the 493 x 330 is for the entire space, image AND text, and that I will probably need to do this for most of my entries, until I find a pattern based on either my largest text entry, or I have a couple of numbers/ratios  I use based on 1-2 lines of text, 3-4 lines, or 5-6, etc.  Unless I'm missing something?

Brian Batt

Hi Janet,

Yes, 493 x 330 is the maximum size image that you can put in that interaction (including any applicable text).  See the example in the link below:

Therefore, depending upon how much text you have, this will be trial and error.