Media Panel shows no images

I have created a Media Panel interaction in Engage 13. I have added mp3 and mp4 files that come from a variety of sources, including YouTube, our corporate video recording studio, and PowerPoint wmv files. All import and play correctly. However, they all display a black or white box instead of an image from the video.

Is it possible to display an image or add a caption to identify the media that will be played when the "graphic" for that media is selected?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carol,

Are you looking to see a thumbnail image, often called a poster frame, prior to clicking on the media?

Within Engage there isn't an option to add a Poster frame to your videos, which would match what you described. You could modify the videos outside of Engage using a tool such as Replay to add in that initial image or title slide that would appear as the placeholder image.