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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Brian,

Which version of Engage are you currently using, '09 or '13? 

The following Engage '13 tutorial will walk you through changing the color of markers, as well as the style. You can also change the position, animation, transparency and more:

Labeled Graphic - E-Learning Heroes

I'm not sure if you're wanting to change the section that houses the text, title, or marker - but that tutorial should help.

If you're using '09 instead, or if you have any questions, please let us know.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting back to me!

You're referring to the "bubble" that contains the description of the label, correct?

If so, you can change this by going to Colors >> Create New Theme Colors.

Here, you can modify the Content colors - for example, if you change the first color in this section, it will change the background of the label text area. If you change the second color, that will change the text color.

Here's a job aid that I'd recommend keeping on hand for this and future projects where you might like to have custom colors:

Engage '13 Player Colors - E-Learning Heroes

I hope this helps!