Missing "Next Slide" button on Engage Interactions

I have a Presenter file that contains 5 Engage interactions. All of them have the Next Slide button set to let the user leave "anytime" and show next slide button "always".  When I preview the entire presentation, everything looks as it should.  However, once I publish it, some of my interactions are missing the "Next Slide" button.  

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this? 

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Brian Batt

Hi Glori,

I apologize for the issues that you're having.  Can you try deleting each slide that contains the Engage interaction that won't display the Next Slide button, publish your presentation to the web, and then close PowerPoint?  This will regenerate the PPTA file.  Then, reopen your presentation & then reinsert each of the Engage interactions.

If you continue to have issues, please submit a support case so that we can take a closer look at the issue:


Alison Faraday


I'm having a similar problem.  Last week, just one of my Engage interactions wasn't showing the 'next slide' button once all the steps had been completed; yesterday another also had this problem and today a third has developed the problem too.  They are all 'Tab' interactions.  I've taken them out, published, closed, reopened, reinserted and this didn't work.  I've also tried changing the properties to 'show always' publishing, changing back to 'show on completion' and publishing. 

Are there any other suggestions for how to fix this or should I submit a support case?



Alison Faraday


I thought I'd come back and let you know the outcome.  The support team were fantastic and emailed me lots of things to try.  But, it turned out to be 'user error'!  As I know my interactions so well, I was clicking through them very fast to test them.  This meant that the introduction hadn't loaded properly, so the next slide button didn't show up at the end.  Once I slowed down and let the interactions load properly first there was no problem!

Best wishes


Catherine S.

I have the opposite issue. I imported an Engage interaction with an flv playing in it into Storyline. This odd 'Click next Storyline Slide' button shows on the published version of Storyline, but I want to get rid of this. I don't know why it shows up and cannot figure out how to delete something I didn't turn on. Help.

Peter Anderson

Hi Catherine!

That text is part of the Button Label, which can be modified when you choose to display the Next Slide button when importing your Engage interaction. You can change your settings through Edit in Engage > Next Slide Button > Button Labels. This tutorial will walk you through it. Hope that's helpful!