Moving color scheme from 09 to 13

Jan 08, 2015

Our company has just upgraded to Articulate Studio 13 from Articulate Studio 09. I can open an Engage interaction that was created in 09 and covert it to an Engage 13 interaction. That is great. 

The problem I'm having is, I want to save the color scheme and use it as my default interaction. How can I save the player color settings once the interaction has been converted to Engage 13?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael! 

The player has been completely redesigned in Studio '13, meaning player templates from earlier versions won't work with Studio '13 content.

Presentations that are updated to Presenter 13 will use the default Articulate Presenter 13 template, and you'll notice that this player looks quite a bit different than the Presenter 09 template. This set of tutorials will walk you through the new ways in which you can customize the Player. 

Michael Nealon

Thanks for the reply. I think I found a way to do what I was trying to do. If I just save the interaction after converting it, it keeps the color scheme. I can use that interaction as my template, and do a "Save As" to create any future interactions from that original one. Still struggling a bit with tweaking the colors. Some things aren't very clear, so I will go through those tutorials as soon as I can. 

Again, thanks.

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