.mp4 Media Not Playing on Android

I inserted a short mp4 item on the intro slide to standalone Engage interaction published to web. this plays fine on desktop, but not on Galaxy 4 with the Articulate Mobile downloaded.  (However, I am not sure how to optimize for tables - so this might be my issue on the phone... however, other projects play just fine.) I am probably missing something obvious (again!), but do appreciate any support. Thanks!

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Tammy Sellers

Yes, yes I did.  The ONLY place it is not playing (or responding) appropriately is on my Samsung Galaxy phone.  I uninstalled the Mobile Player app, and then reinstalled it...it improved the other functionality, but the mp4 is NOT working on the phone. iPad and desktop (HP) work fine.

I am thinking that it is a problem with a recent updated pushed out on the phone... many other issues as well.. so this may be an extension of those.  Thanks - and I will keep trying.