Multiple images on a slide with feedback for each one

Help!  I'm working in Studio 13.  I'm trying to create an interaction with 9 small images on the slide and want the user to select each image and receive feedback/information based on their selection.  Can this be done in Studio if so how?  I can't find any engage interactions that meet the requirements and I have looked at Quizmaker, the freeform question comes close but wants the user to 'submit' and will then not allow the user to select any other images.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ellen -- Thanks for reaching out! And while I will defer to your fellow community members to chime in with their advice and recommendations on ways to accomplish this, I came across an older thread (for Presenter '09) that I thought still might provide some inspiration. Please let us know if that is along the lines of what you are hoping to achieve! 

Ellen Rose


Thanks for your response, I have looked at the links and managed to create my own clickable pop up.  It works really well.  I will probably use this type of interaction quite a lot in the future.  I've attached my PowerPoint slides in case anyone else wants something to work with.  I've only used low res non copyright images in the sample, it obviously looks much better with high res images.