My engage and quiz interactions appear twice in the Ppt...?


Please help!

I have been checking the forum for a few days I am pretty sure I had seen my questions and their answers somewhere...!...but cannot find it..:

-Each time I modify my engage interactions or quizzes, it appears twice in the Ppt project once I save and come back to Presenter..or it appears at the end of the slides..

-Plus, when I open and modify an interaction...regularly comes the question of re-linking the interactions: 'relocate browsing on my computer...' (this probably being related to the first pb)


.....I have been following all the recommendations found on the Forum  though...(for instance from Jeannette on 'Ideas for managing your Project Files'..)

...Please! I am losing so much time with this...

Merci, Gracias, Thanks


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Brian Batt

Hi Julie & welcome to Heroes,

If you are experiencing unexpected issues with your animations, annotations, the audio editor, or others, the issues may be related to your Regional Language Settings in a non-English Windows environment. Alternatively, if you do have an English installation of Windows, your Regional Language Settings could still be incorrect in rare instances. 

For more information on how to correct your Regional Language Settings, please see the KB article in the link below:

If you continue to have problems, please submit a support case to us so that we can take a closer look at the issue:

Julie B.

Sorry for the late answer!

Well I checked, and the Regional languages Settings were properly set, I did click 'Apply' and Ok again...

And now it works properly, I don't have the problem anymore...!?!

Thank you so much Brian

Each time I come to the e-learning heroes, I have quick answers, 

You and this community are wonderful!