Nested engage interaction

Aug 25, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've created a nested engage interaction, wherein I've embedded a tabbed interaction within a media tour.

Everything works fine, except that when the flvs play within the nested engage (i.e. within the tabbed interaction); I'm unable to pause from the main presenter shell. to be able to pause the nested interaction, I've to click on the playbar within the tabbed interaction.

However, this problem does not occur in the outer engage interaction (i.e. the media tour).

I would like the learners to be able to pause from the main presenter shell when they are viewing flvs embedded within the nested engage (i.e. within the tabbed interaction). Is there a solution?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Suman, that is not going to be possible, the embedded swf (engage interaction) would need to be controlled by the engage controls, and cannot be controlled by the player controls.  This is because this method of inserting an engage interaction is not supported by Articulate and the player does not know that the embedded swf is actually an engage interaction.

hope this makes sense


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