I want to introduce myself, as I'm new in these matters and I see many experts and generous people around here and I like that. I don't have any idea of how this website/service Works.   My name is Raquel and I'm from Madrid, Spain. I'm Licensed Psychologist and Teacher and my students have told me many times, that they would like to have my courses ON-LINE, but I don't know how to do that.  For some reason I received a mail about the new launching of a surprise on Articulate for next week but I guess that if I don't know the basics, how am I going to take advantage of the advanced ¡¡¡    All presentations I have (in Power Point) are all in Spanish, and don't know if that is of use to anyone.    I have one in English about my work that I would like to share but do not know how (This last comment in case the website goes about sharing one's presentations, videos, potos and anyotherthing that may be used for creating a course on-line, ... if I well understood).  I would aprecciate any help. THANKS

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raquel, 

Welcome to the Heroes community! I suspect you'll get a ton of help here, but if you're truly new to E-Learning, you may want to start with the links below:

Best of luck and reach out with any other questions! Also next week promises to be exciting, so stay tuned. :-)