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Mar 24, 2014

My presenter course has the 'Notes tab' enabled and we have the audio script there for the users to see. My question is- I have an engage interaction in there- each part of the interaction will have different audio- is there a way to have the narration in the 'Notes tab' for each part of the engage interaction? I'm using Articulate Studio 2013.

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Danielle Danielle

Hi Leslie,

Within Slide properties I do have the 'engage' placeholder with the 'show notes' I get that the script I have on that first page of the engage interaction will show in the 'Notes' tab...However, its seems that the same notes will display for each page of the engage interaction. My understanding is I have audio for each page of my interaction within engage...but can I have different notes show up?

Donna Ward

Hi Christie:

Thanks for this quick response. I figured out I can add all the notes from
the Engage interaction in the Notes section of the slide. It is a lot, but
it works. I will look at the thread you sent as well.

Appreciate the quick feedback. Thanks.

Donna Ward

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