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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Helena,

Happened to just see this, so thought I'd answer. If you switch to slide view when creating your quiz, and then select Insert, you can insert a video, and then do it again, etc. Hope that helps. If you're not sure about changing views, let the community know and one of us will jump in!

Helena Froyton

Thank you Justin.  I like the blank slide, especially since I can put my screenr video on it.  Here is my question...How can I add quizmaker's blank slide to the tabs - engage interaction?  I would like the user to be able to view the blank slide, once he/she clicks on the tab in engage interaction.  Thanks!

Helena Froyton

Thank you Justin for your reply.  I have a question for you...  In response to your statement above, how would you then recommend me to show screenr videos that I have created.  Would it be in quizmaker by using the blank slide or through the engage interaction - tabs? The only thing with the tabs version is that the screenr video appeared to be too small and that is why I preferred the blank slide, since I can have the video appear in a much bigger size.  Thanking you in advance for your insight!

Justin Wilcox

I think it really depends on what you are showing and whether or not the dimensions of the space allow you to do what you want. If you use the No Sidebar view in Presenter, for example, you can use a Flash movie with a maximum dimension of 980 x 580 pixels so maybe that is something to consider.

Helena Froyton

Thank you Justin for your reply.  It was helpful to view the tutorial.  I have at least 7 screenr videos to show my learner and initially I thought about having them appear one after the other.  Does anyone have other ideas on how to present several videos?  Is there a way which I can make it more interesting for the learner?