Opening Engage 5.2 files with '09 - No Spaces

Mar 28, 2012

I just upgraded to Studio '09 (trial version), and all my Engage interactions that were previously created in Engage (1st edition) have no spaces in the text. In the Engage window they look fine, but when I go to preview, I lose all spaces. It publishes the same way...  This applies to my Pyramid, Tab, and Circle Diagram interactions (all interactions previously created).  I'm using Windows XP 32-bit, IE8, and the latest version of Flash (

A previous thread was created in Community Forums: Articulate Community Forums » Articulate Product Forums » Articulate Engage » Opening old Engage files with 09 - no SPACES?

Following those instructions, I re-installed Engage, uninstalled and re-installed Flash (using Adobe's recommended uninstaller), but to no avail... Please help!

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Tim Venettozzi

I am updating an old course and I have similar issue.  Open the files in engage, during preview and publish the spaces are missing.     When I am editing the engage file I can see images I do not see the text. 

I tried changing the font from articulate to arial to see if the text would appear and it did not.  I have reinstalled articulate 09.   

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Tim. So sorry that's happening!

I have a hunch the solutions outlined here can help resolve this text display issue. Could you give them a try and let me know what happens?

If those steps don't help, could you share the troublesome .int with us? We'll help you troubleshoot this behavior and try to find a solution here!

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