Opening Engage in a pop-up via Hyperlinked slide

Feb 08, 2012


I would like to create a slide that has several items that are hyperlinked to Engage interactions. I would like the links to open up in a new browser window each time, which the user would simply close after viewing the interaction. 

So, one slide, multiple links, opening engage interactions in new windows. 

Is this possible? Can anyone think of any clever workarounds to make this work?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Yoyo!

Linking to your Engage interactions should be no problem if they are already published. Have you seen our article on using hyperlinks?:

As far as getting it to open in a new window, that depends on how the browser you're using chooses to do so and how it's configured.

blair parkin

You could insert your engage interactions as Web Objects (Articulate tab) that open in a new window. You would need a "Menu" slide with multiple hyperlinked buttons on it, with each button taking you to a different slide that contained a different engage interaction inserted as a web object opeing in a new window. The actual slide would be a duplicate of the "Menu" slide so that when the user closed the engage interaction window they would still see the other links to click on.

Hope this makes sense, if you need an example let me know and I can put something together


Yoyo Gee

Hi Blair,

Thanks, that's a good idea and a bit simpler than having to remember to copy all of my published engage interactions into my final published folder. A couple of issues that I have with it are:

  • If a user doesn't want to click on the links and wants to just go to the next page, the only way they can do this is via the left-hand navigation. Instead, if i they click on next slide, which I think is how most users navigate, then each time they click on next slide, they will be going through all of the pop-up engage windows that are there (but hidden in navigation).
  • The other issue is a strange one that I'm experiencing. I use mostly Chrome, and in Chrome, my engage interactions show up as blank pop-ups until I fiddle a bit with the window size (I have tried changing the web object settings to open the new window in a variety of sizes, as well as default, and I get the same issue). The interaction doesn't show up until I do some kind of resizing and then it's fine. I tested with IE and it works just fine in that. 

Does anyone have any ideas on either of these issues?


blair parkin

For the "Menu" slide you could set the NEXT button to branch to the next slide after the web objects in the Slide Properties (Articulate Tab) that way the hidden slides wouldn't appear when next is clicked. ie Menu (slide 1) Web Objects (slides 2-6) branch next to slide 7. You would also do this for all of the hidden slides, NEXT would go to the slide after the web object and previous would go to the slide before the menu. The slide after the web objects would also need to branch to the first menu slide, not previous.


you could not use the controls at all and only use hyperlinked next/previous buttons (shapes) to control navigation and set the same kind of branching.

Not sure how to fix the chrome issue, we are only allowed to use IE here, but someone else may be able to assist.

Kat Fardian

Hi Yonca,

I can't help with the second problem but with the first problem you probably just need to chang your slide properties so that your next button goes to a specific slide. See or

Hope that helps,


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